Losing weight as a vegan

trying to lose weight on a vegan plant based diet

    Losing weight being a vegan and trying to get the weight off I’ve been vegan now for a few years now, and losing weight for me has been an uphill battle and i just can’t seem to lose the weight. I eat very healthy and limit my vegan processed food and rarely ever […]

Raw banana ice cream with coconut sugar


    Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog about: Raw banana ice cream with coconut sugar    Welcome to skinny girl vegan my personal blog where i love to post all things vegan like recipes, vegan finds, I’m on a vegan weight loss journey and trying to work on losing weight and eating a healthier vegan diet  Please contact me […]

Mineral fusion facial moisturizer review


Mineral fusion facial moisturizer review I don’t know why but ever since going vegan my skin has become dry especially my face, Maybe its just me? So I’ve tried a few face moisturizer’s and they were ok nothing special at all. I even tried this one i paid $45 for and that product was garbage […]

Vegan bean tacos on collard green leaf with no refeied beans


I’ve been so good following my diet this week I made taco’s using collard greens for leafs with avocado and some tomatoes and salsa and it was delicious but ill be honest i used cabbage too and those were a lot better. The crock pot beans i made over the weekend were the bomb! You […]

Plant based diet getting my workout on

vegan weight loss update

Vegan weight loss and getting my workout on   Not a whole lots been happening on my weight loss so far and its frustrating the hell out of me. I’ve done so good in the past 2 weeks and i haven’t lost a single pound, I’ve bee eating healthy and cut out most carbs because […]

Daiya swiss style slices review

daiya cheese slices

Daiya swiss style slices review Today i went to trader Joe’s and saw this bad boy, Normally i’m not a mock cheese fan unless i need it or i’m craving something that requires cheese. Daiya definitely makes great vegan cheeses especially there pepper jack shredded cheese. Every once in a while ill make a tofu […]

Raw vegan carrot cake recipe


All this week I’ve been having a craving for carrot cake so decided to make this vegan raw carrot cake from a recipe i found online. It was delicious but next time i make this I’m going to add raisins and pineapple because i just felt like it was missing something but over all it […]